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The Philippines (Filipino: Pilipinas),
officially the Republic of the Philippines (Filipino: Republika ng Pilipinas), is an island nation located in the Malay archipelago in Southeast Asia, with Manila as its capital. It lies 1,210 kilometres (750 mi) from mainland Asia and comprises 7,107 islands called the Philippine Archipelago, approximately 700 of which are inhabited.

Good body good face and good singing .. almost all pinoy actress have big breast and good sound in her song.

Diana Zubiri

Rosemarie Joy García (born April 15, 1985), stage name Diana Zubiri. She started her showbiz career after applying in Japan.  She began to appear in sexy movies : Itlog, Bakat and Kasiping.

Diana Zubiri

Francine Prieto

Francine Prieto has worked as a model in Korea and has even showed up and showed off her big hooters in the FHM 2004 calendar and was the magazine’s 2003 cover girl in pinay.

Francine Prieto

Ara Mina

Asian, Brunette, Large Breasts (Fake), Average Body Size 

Patricia Javier

Patricia Javier who is PJ to her fans is certainly one of the most sought after actresses/singers in the Philippines today. Her beautiful face, sensual body and angelic voice are the perfect ingredients which led her to stardom.

Patricia Javier who is PJ to her fans is certainly one of the most sought after actresses/singers in the Philippines today. Her beautiful face, sensual body and angelic voice are the perfect ingredients which led her to stardom.

Maui Taylor

One-half exotic Filipino filly, one-half stodgy old Britannia, and completely red hot and finger-licking good is the best way to describe Asian act-chest Maui Taylor.
Viva Hot babe !!

Maui Taylor




The advent of cinema in the Philippines can be traced back to the early days of filmmaking in 1897, when a Spanish theater owner named Pertierra screened imported moving pictures.
The formative years of Philippine cinema, starting from the 1930s, were a time of discovering film as a new medium of expressing artworks. Scripts and characterizations in films came from the popular theater shows and familiar local literature. Nationalistic films were also quite popular, although they were labeled as being too subversive.
The 1940s and the war brought to the Philippine cinema the consciousness of reality. Movie themes comprised primarily of war and heroism had proven to be a huge hit among local audience.
The 1950s saw the first golden age of Philippine cinema,[2][3] with the emergence of more artistic and mature films, and significant improvement in cinematic techniques among filmmakers. The studio system produced frenetic activity in the local film industry as many films were made annually and several local talents started to earn recognition abroad. Award-giving bodies were first instituted during this period. When the decade was drawing to a close, the studio system monopoly came under siege as a result of labor-management conflicts, and by the 1960s, the artistry established in the previous years was already on a decline. This era can be characterized by rampant commercialism, fan movies, soft porn films, action flicks, and western spin-offs.
The 1970s and 1980s were considered as turbulent years of the industry, bringing both positive and negative changes. The films in this period now dealt with more serious topics following the Martial Law era. In addition, action and sex films developed further introducing more explicit pictures. These years also brought the arrival of alternative or independent cinema in the Philippines.
The 1990s saw the emerging popularity of massacre movies, teen-oriented romatic comedies, as well as anatomy-baring adult films, although slapsticks still draw a large audience. Genres of previous decades had been recycled with almost the same stories, and love teams, which had been popular in the past, had become reincarnated.[3]
The Philippines, being one of Asia's earliest film industry, remains undisputed in terms of the highest level of theater admission in Southeast Asia. Over the years, however, the film industry has registered a steady decline in the movie viewership from 131 million in 1996 to 63 million in 2004.[4][5] From a high of 200 films a year during the 1980s, the country's film industry was down to making a total of new 56 films in 2006 and around 30 in 2007.[4][5] Although the industry has undergone turbulent times, the 21st century saw the rebirth of independent filmmaking through the use of digital technology, and a number of films have once again earned international recognition and prestige.